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Latest News Updates for SMART TD Local 662 - 11/8/2014

SMART Transportation Division

Local 662 News Update for November 8, 2014



Thursday November 6, 2014                                                                                       

To all concerned within the SMART Transportation Division:

On behalf of the Officers, Trustees and membership of the SMART Transportation Division Local 662, The Local hereby reports as official record, the certified election results from the Local 662 November 2014 Officer and Local Committee Elections.  This election concluded on November 5, 2014 during the Local's regular monthly meeting in Newport News, Virginia. This notification complies with Article 21B, sections 56 and 57 of the SMART Constitution. 

The following Local 662 members were nominated and elected to the following Officer and Local Committee positions:


  • Local President Brother Justin B. Treu
  • Local Vice President Brother Ronald D. Hylton, Jr.
  • Local Secretary-Treasurer Brother Thomas J. Arsenault
  • Local Trustees (3) Brothers Justin G. Chamberlain, Richard J. Craver andJames M. Rainier

Local Committees of Adjustment:

LCA 201-A (C&O Proper-Richmond Road East)

  • Local Chairman Brother Cornell Callaham
  • Vice Local Chairman Brother Jason M. Barlow
  • LCA Secretary Brother Maynard B. Lipscomb, Jr.

LCA 201-B (C&O Proper-Richmond Terminal)

  • Local Chairman Brother Anthony "Bruce" Allison
  • Vice Local Chairman Brother Jonathan R. Barron
  • LCA Secretary Brother Ronald D. Hylton, Jr.

LCA 201-C (C&O Proper-Richmond Road West)

  • Local Chairman Brother Ryan J. Sandy
  • Vice Local Chairman Brother Justin G. Chamberlain
  • LCA Secretary Brother Richard J. Craver

LCA 201-D (C&O Proper-Newport News Terminal)

  • Local Chairman Brother Jefferey R. Parker
  • Vice Local Chairman Brother James E. Hardison
  • LCA Secretary Brother Mark E. Wiggins

All new Officers and Local Committee Representatives will be sworn into office during the January 7, 2015 Local 662 meeting in Newport News, VA.  The new Officer terms will expire on December 31, 2017 with the Local Committee terms expiring on December 31, 2018.  

Please update your records accordingly as a result of the election. 

Updated contact information of all newly Local 662 Officer and LCA positions can be found in the attached document, via the Local 662 website at http://0662.utu.org or at ilink.

Would you like to keep in touch with the latest news from your SMART TD Local and the SMART Transportation Division?  Please assist your Local in curtailing costs by becoming part of the email network.  Emailing news updates and information to our members is the most cost effective way to keep your costs and dues from increasing.  If you would like to receive Local 662 news updates via email, please email the Local Secretary-Treasurer at utu662treasurer@gmail.com  You may also get updated information at the Local's website at http://0662.utu.org or check out the latest from UTU at http://utu.org


All News items will be sent via email to those members on the email distribution list.  If you wish to be added to the Local 662 email list, please send a request via email to the Local Secretary-Treasurer at utu662treasurer@gmail.com



Next Richmond Local Meeting is:

Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM


 Meeting Location for Richmond Bi-Monthly Meetings for the First Wednesdays of these even numbered months: February/April/June/August/October/December


 Carini Italian Restaurant

3718 Williamsburg Road (Rt. 60E)

Richmond, VA 23231



Carini is located 1 mile west of Laburnum Avenue on Williamsburg Road (US Route 60) between the Richmond International Airport and Fulton Yard.  This is off Interstate 64 at exit 195.  Take exit 195 from I-64 onto East Laburnum and go approximately 1 mile south past the new White Oak Village Shopping Center to Williamsburg Road.  Turn right on Rt. 60 and go 1 mile and look for Carini on the right at the Williamsburg Center.

 Next Newport News Local Meeting


Wednesday January 7, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

  Meeting Location for Newport News Bi-Monthly Meetings on the First Wednesdays of these odd numbered months: January/March/May/July/September/November

 Sam and Steve's House of Beef

10753 Jefferson Avenue

Newport News, VA 23601


Sam & Steve's is located on VA Route 143/US Route 17 (Jefferson Avenue) approximately 5.2 miles north of the Newport News Yard Office.  Sam & Steve's is about ½ mile south of Harpersville Road.  If you are coming from Richmond, take exit 255A from I-64E and stay on Jefferson Avenue Eastbound, like you are going to the Newport News Yard.  Sam & Steve's is approximately 5.6 miles south of exit 255 on the right.

  (Meetings are held in the Banquet Rooms)

Monthly Meetings:  All start times at 7:00 PM

If you plan to attend any meetings, plan to arrive 30-45 minutes early to place your dinner order and join us for "Social Hour." 

All SMART TD Local 662 Members are encouraged to attend our regular monthly meetings. 


The following SMART Local 662 members are currently out of service for medical and/or disability reasons.  Please keep these members in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery.

Jeff Parker                  Mike Downer            Terry Ballangee      Ryan Sandy Justin Treu

2014 RETIREMENTS-Congrats, you made it!

  • Brother Aubrey "Woody" Watts, Jr. 
  • Brother Percy Perry

Transfers...Hello and Goodbye

The following members of Local 662 have transferred either in or out to and from other SMART TD Locals to continue their careers elsewhere in 2014.

  •  Daniel Swisher  Brandon Thorpe  Ralph Brown Justin Unger have transferred to Local 924
  •  Brother James Powell has transferred to Local 1106 in Rocky Mount, NC
  •  Brother Alex Goodmundson has transferred to the SMART TD CSX Yardmasters Local and is now working full time as a Yardmaster at AACA Yard. 

Welcome our new members for 2014

  • Hoover C. Davis
  • Doral O. Jones
  • Seth R. Brous
  • John H. Brown
  • John A. Kober
  • Tony E. Peck

The current (2013) edition of the SMART Local 662 Amended By-Laws are available upon request from the Local Secretary and are also found at the FAQ section of this website.




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